Sunday, 5 April 2009

FGCE Project Hope

In 2008 a number of us visited our old school; Federal Government College Enugu and we found a school in total disrepair. The school that we looked back on with nostalgia has become a skeleton of its old self.

This is an example of what we saw....

It was time to re-engage....and FGCE Project hope was born....

Project Hope is a partnership between FGCE old students and Federal Government College Enugu.

The project initiated in October 2008, by FGCE old students, is aimed at supporting the school authorities in their efforts to raise infrastructure, academic, discipline and social responsibility standards, to global levels. In doing this, we hope to ensure a conducive learning environment for the students and also to encourage other old students and the wider community to engage with their Alma Mata on similar projects with a view to raising education standards nationwide. We hope to use Project Hope to create a platform for partnership between FGCE Old Students, FGCE teachers, FGCE PTA and current FGCE students to achieve this vision.

FGCE-Project Hope is premised on the fact that many old students have acquired expertise in different areas of human endeavour and are passionate about Federal Government College Enugu and would join hands in restoring it to its lost glory.


  • Transform the FGCE learning and living environment.
  • Set-up a mentorship scheme between old students and current students.
  • Support the teachers towards enhanced academic delivery and higher discipline standards.
  • Reward academic excellence and high standards of discipline. While ensuring equal focus on integrity, community service and leadership.
The vision of FGCE Project Hope is ...

To produce students who are motivated to actualise their potentials and who are being taught in conducive learning environments, support teachers motivated and well equipped to teach and train students entrusted in their care, and through this work produce an example that will encourage and serve as a learning point for other Alumni of other FGC’s to engage with their respective schools.

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