Tuesday, 15 March 2011

FGCE Project Hope, The Journey Continues……….

The FGCE Project Hope idea commenced with desperate e-mails and pictures on the state of affairs in our school Federal Government College, Enugu in October 2008. Two years later, progress is still being made. To help put our progress in perspective, we will go down memory lane, to recount the Project Hope milestones recorded to date and the key learning points....

Working the Plan; Raising the Cash and Refurbishing the Classrooms:
We prepared the FGCE Project Hope Terms-of-Reference and obtained the implementation buy-in from the Students, Teachers, and Parents.  The FGCE PTA is a key supporter of FGCE Project Hope.  FGCE Old Students have provided financially, moral and intellectual support and we have a builder in Enugu, who commenced the refurbishment of two classrooms. 

One of the refurbished classrooms
We are currently undertaking the refurbishment of the remaining 3 classrooms in the JSS-1 block.  The  FGCE Authorities have copied our template for classroom refurbishment and standards and have commenced the refurbishment of the JSS-2 and JSS-3 blocks.

Following our advocacy efforts, FGCE Authorities have also agreed to reduce the population of students in each class, from average of 65 students per class, to 40 students per class.  We are still driving to ensure that an optimum number of 30 students per class, is adopted by FGCE.

We have also participated in the following events:

The First Career Talk:
The first FGCE Project Hope Career day held on 27th March 2009, was our first opportunity to directly engage with the Teachers and students.  .  Some Old Students namely- Gbenga Famurewa, Chiwetalu Obikwelu,-, Nnena Madu, Kanu Ijere, Nick Wachukwu, Jideofor Echezor and Belije Madu gave talks on undertaking careers in Entrepreneurship, Geosciences, Banking and Finance, law, Information Technology, Medicine and Engineering.  The questions from the students were never-ending, and proved that the Career day that Project Hope was needed.. 

The 36th Prize Giving Day:
Plaques for students
The FGCE 36th Prize Giving Day was held on 27th June 2009.  Where more than 40 Old students had endowed different prizes, under the FGCE Project Hope umbrella.  The students where excited and motivated by the FGCE Project Hope Prizes.  Since for the first time, instead of the normal wrapped educational material such as notebooks and an attendant certificate, Plaques and cash prizes of N10,000 was being presented to the students.  While plaques and cash prizes of N20, 000 were also presented to the teachers.

Supporting the Teacher:
In 2009 we sponsored 9 teachers for various developmental trainings in Minna, Abuja and Ibadan, and in 2011, we co-sponsored 3 laboratory attendants for training in Lagos.

The Second Career Talk:
The following Old Students participated in the Career day- Bill Anaka, Timi Timi Ebibomo, Ifeanyi Okuma, Nnena Madu, Omo Omoruyi, Chinelo Echetebu, and Belije Madu.. 

Belije giving career advice
We took learning from the 1st Career talk and after an initial discussion, broken into the various groups : (i) Intending Medical Students (ii) Intending Engineering Students (iii) Intending Law Students (iv) Intending Information Technology Students.  It was a day to remember.

The Reunion and Founders Day:
The 36th FGCE Founders Day and Old Students Reunion was held on 21st- 23rd January 2010.  We used the occasion to re-launch the FGCE Project Hope Initiative.  It was then formally adopted by FGCE Old Students association.

The 37th Prize Giving Day:
The FGCE 37th Prize Giving Day was held on 3rd July 2010. FGCE Old Students endowed 45 Student and 10 Teacher prizes, under the FGCE Project Hope initiative.   On that day, FGCE Old Students were challenged to bring increased Federal Government presence to the institution.  Since FGCE has produced Governors and Ministers, who are still active in Nigeria.
Edward Anoliefo  presenting one of the prizes

The Key Note speaker categorically stated that the challenge was for FGCE Old students to ensure that the current dilapidated infrastructure was rehabilitated.

The Journey continues....
The Journey continues and we appeal to you to support either financially or physically as we work towards completing the 3nos. outstanding classroom refurbishment, participating in the 38th FGCE Prize Giving Day and holding the 2011 Career Day.

We need your support more than ever! 

  • Reach out to Belije or Chikwe (for those outside Nigeria) to contribute for 2011
  • Invite your friends that went to FGCE to join the project. 
  • Join us during the 38th FGCE Prize Giving Day and holding the 2011 Career Day in Enugu 
  • Don't take our word for it, visit the school and see for yourself what Project Hope is doing!
  • Don't let the dream die....

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