Sunday, 20 December 2009

Do something amazing this Christmas - Join us on PROJECT HOPE

About a year ago, driven by the unrelenting energy of Belije Mmadu a few of us decided not to continue moaning about the state of affairs in several parts of our country but to seek ways on engaging in a small cause that means a lot to us. Belije challenged about the state of Federal Government College Enugu. This school that has been central to whatever we are today was run down and in a state of utter neglect abandoned by Government BUT also crucially abandoned by its Alma Mata!
Can we really continue in our lives....while this school rots…can you?


We decided to re-engage with the school. We could have visited the school, donated a few old clothes and maybe bit of cash and appeased our conscience. But No ...we would do this in the same structured way we had learnt to work in our professional lives. We went to the school and did a needs assessment. Talked to the Principal, Teachers and Students. Came up with a plan, a budget, milestones and clear deliverables. It has been one year now....and what a journey its been!

We inspected the classrooms...and they were in a derelict state as you cn see above. We could not do anything without confronting we started. We started where we all started - the Form 1 Block. The pictures tell just a bit of the story. But one desk at a time...the school is changing.

But then - buildings on their own have not educated anyone. So in the last year we have organised 2 career days in the school where old students and members of the project have gone to the school. Given up a full day to spend with the students, delivering talks and giving one-to-one sessions on how to make career choices. Then we got involved in the prize giving day and raised the bar to new levels. Encouraging excellence and academic curiosity. The most powerful impact on students might not be the formal sessions but the insight for the students that someone does care about them....the inspiration they have drawn.

Finally - we knew that there was nothing we could achieve without the teachers. To encourage teachers, we sponsored them on workshops and conferences. But most importantly, we found two incredible allies. Two teachers that have made Project Hope their own - Mrs Anowor and Mrs Uko I sat down with this ladies in the summer and talked...and literarily could not stop the tears from flowing down. I realised that these are no different from the teachers I had in front of me 20 years ago....they made me who I am and have never stopped....

Its been a tough year, a really tough year from most perspectives. But there is great gratification from Project Hope ( Knowing that despite all the tough times, one is part of a small group doing something very special for a school that means so much to us.

Join us on this journey and share the feeling, it is amazing. The job is still a long way from done. We do believe we can inspire a new generation of students out of FGCE to believe in their country and its people.

By joining us - we can make this dream a reality. To find out how...just reply this email.

Please don’t look away, join us on Project Hope.

Have a great Christmas!....and remember what it really is about....