Monday, 31 August 2009

Supporting the Teachers in Project Hope

As part of our PROJECT HOPE we set ourselves 4 main objectives that we plan to give equal attention:
  1. Transform the classrooms
  2. Mentor students
  3. Reward excellence
  4. Support the teachers
Now...we were not really sure about how we will achieve this last one when we set out but we knew that it was extremely important. We are extremely lucky on the project to have two teachers leading from the front on our behalf in Enugu. One is Mrs Anowor - the Head of the Guidance and Counselling Department and Mrs Uko an economics teacher.
I had very little time on a recent trip to Nigeria but Belije, our able coordinator insisted that I go to I arrived Enugu on the 8pm ARIK flight to and headed off to FGCE the next morning.

These are two amazing teachers and they have given me renewed confidence that this project cannot afford to fail. They took me with pride to the classrom we were renovating and showed me around the rest of the school (I will update on this later). The difference was clear.

But what really killed me was when they spoke about the prizes we gave to students for excelling in different sheres of eneavour and what it meant to the students. There was a new buzz in air. This was PROJECT HOPE time and she warned that we should watch out for some firece competition next year. We are sure ready for it.

We had recently sponsored Mrs Anowor for the annual conference of her professional association. From her top drawer, neatly packed away in an envelope she brought our her certificate and pictures...and handed them to me. She said these words....thank you my son....and the tears literally burst down my face. Memories of 1983... unbelievably 26 years ago when I was dropped of with my hoe, bcket and cardboard box for a new life at FGCE.

We ended the visit with a short courtesy call on the principal.A gentleman who seemed determined to turn things around. Yes things are tough in Naija BUT we really have no option but to engage. I sleep a little better now knowing that we are making a difference...and for all those on this journey with can be ruerlly proud.

But the journey continues...

Find a few more pictures here.

This project is open to everyone as equal partners. More information can be found on our website

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